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Bridging Marketing and Commerce with Over 70 Years of Experience

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Between Two Worlds

In classic mythology, Mercury was the god of commerce and communication – a messenger between the two worlds. Like Mercury, we operate along the boundaries between two worlds that have always been connected: Marketing and Commerce.

As marketing strategies adapt, we integrate marketing and commerce together. We integrate these disciplines in both physical and digital, to create attractive new commercial opportunities for the future.

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Our Approach

Like the god Mercury, we focus on companies that are fleet-footed. By that, we mean that we value cutting edge, adaptable and innovative entrepreneurs who evolve quickly. We help you innovate, navigate, and accelerate your growth strategies.



We create and foster new marketing services platforms that incorporate new communication and commerce technologies with existing technologies to foster growth.


We advise and mentor entrepreneurs as they invest in and develop the next generation of marketing services platforms. We advise CPG and retailers as they adapt and integrate new capabilities into their business plan.


We provide and structure growth capital and implement growth strategies for wellness brands, marketing services companies, and retail.

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Our Team

The MMC founders and associates have worked across the retail, media, brand management and digital sectors and have unique perspectives on how these worlds converge and how to create growth opportunities.


Lili Mahlab

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Lili is an entrepreneurial, high energy, professional sales, and marketing executive with strong managerial and business development skills. Given her years of experience in CPG marketing, she has a talent for spotting trends leading to new business with a keen understanding of how digital and mobile technology is causing major structural changes in how companies build brands.


Jefferson Myers

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

A seasoned CEO, Jefferson is a strategic thinker and innovator, distinctive company evangelist, and business operator with a track record of driving strong P&L performance. He is recognized as a pioneer in the development of the In-store Marketing category which evolved into the CPG shopper marketing discipline. Jeff has a successful track record of selling marketing services companies to leading media and marketing organizations.

Burt Palmer Headshot

Burt Palmer

Operating Partner

Throughout a 30-year career with Unilever, Burt has been recognized as a CPG sales leader and general manager of collaborative cross-functional teams. Burt specializes in optimizing the combined assets of both CPGs and Retailers to create win-win solutions. Leveraging data-driven insights, he excels in creating innovative product and category strategies; delivering them to market with excellence. Burt provides innovative solutions to a broad range of retail and CPG leaders on behalf of our portfolio companies.

Steve Phillips Headshot

Steve Phillips

Operating Partner

Steve brings a wealth of experience over his career in retailing and marketing services. Over 25 years at American Stores, Steve excelled in critical roles within IT, merchandising, and marketing. Steve was also a primary driver in the national retail expansion of marketing services companies including Catalina, Insignia POPs, Advo, and Blackhawk. A technologically proficient entrepreneur, Steve successfully co-developed and sold M-Dot to Inmar. Steve continues to work with our portfolio companies to bring innovation to leading retailers.

Jack Haire Headshot

Jack Haire

Advising Partner

Jack is a true publishing and advertising leader having spent nearly three decades at Time Inc. in a myriad of leadership positions followed by several years at Parade Magazine where he was CEO.

Bahnson Stanley Headshot

Bahnson Stanley

Advising Partner

Over the course of a highly successful career, Bahns has demonstrated superior business development skills in a multitude of industries, including the development of the WEATHER CHANNEL. Bahnson continues to work extensively within the Private Equity community from both a board and M&A perspective.

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