Welcome to Mercury Marketing Capital

Creating marketing services networks & next generation marketing and commerce platforms.

In classic mythology, Mercury operated along the boundaries between the upper and lower worlds. Similarly, as marketing worlds above and below the line converge, we help integrate these disciplines, now in both physical and digital forms, to create attractive new commercial opportunities.

The old meets new world marketing and commerce strategies

Mercury Marketing Capital (MMC) was created to help portfolio companies and their clients thrive in a world being transformed by technology, consolidation, changing shopping habits and a driving need for productivity.



Create new marketing services platforms which incorporate new communication and commerce technologies, often with existing capabilities, to foster growth.



Advise and mentor entrepreneurs as they invest in and develop next generation marketing services platforms in the consumer goods and retail ecosystems. Advise CPG and retailers as they adopt and integrate new capabilities into their core business plans.



Provide and structure growth capital. Develop and implement growth strategies for brands and marketing services companies

In Store Marketing

The MMC founders helped create and establish the third party in-store marketing category. This has evolved over the past thirty years from nationally networked signage and display programs to sophisticated 1:1 personalization programs delivered via platforms that drive conversion both within brick and mortar stores as well as online.

We welcome the opportunity to share and help you shape your unique business vision.