Jefferson Myers

A seasoned CEO, Jefferson is a strategic thinker and innovator, distinctive company evangelist and business operator with a track record of driving strong P&L performance. He is recognized as a pioneer in the development of the Instore Marketing category which evolved into the CPG shopper marketing discipline.

Jeff’s early media experience was with ad agencies including Wells Rich Green and Willian Esty. He then transitioned to the client side working with Chesebrough Ponds, prior to its integration within Unilever in preparation for future industry success. An entrepreneur, he has been responsible for the creation, sell-in and ongoing commercial success of five national instore marketing networks. His executive expertise includes M&A where he targeted and purchased a number of marketing services programs. As a business owner, he led the sale of marketing services companies to leading media and retail marketing organizations include Time Warner, American Media, Alloy and Acosta Sales and Marketing.

Jeff achieves balance through his philanthropical work with The City Of Hope, an orphanage he helped launch in rural Tanzania.TCOH includes a hospital, school and leadership institute as well as a global Women’s Leadership Initiative.

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