MMC actively seeks opportunities in the media, retail marketing and digital marketing services space given the very meaningful synergies with our current investments in mobile marketing, personalization, native advertising, eCommerce and influencer marketing. We also envision integration and amplification of our digital investments with existing physical marketing networks.


Chicory is a food technology company that has built the worlds’ largest digital recipe and e commerce platform. Using AI, the company delivers contextually relevant native ads to a network of food influencers and publishers representing 80M monthly unique visitors. In addition, the platform provides a “click to cart” capability that allows consumers to immediately purchase the items at a large number of leading retailers.

Wellness Amplified

Wellness Amplified is the  Influencer marketing company that works across the breadth of specialties in Health, wellness and Nutrition with access to the largest networks of credentialed influencers. They strategically partner brands with these experts offering marketers the ability to reach health minded, wellness aware consumers at scale with a range of custom content capabilities, resulting in superior increases in engagement.


Revtrax provides unmatched solutions for personalized offers connecting online behaviors to offline purchases. Their unique expertise, technology and service transforms how leading brands manage, measure and optimize marketing investments making promotions smarter, more effective and more measurable.


As an investor in Wilkins Media, MMC provides a broad range of sales advisory services to Wilkins media and affiliates including sales and executive coaching.

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